Sunday, July 12, 2009

Greedier At The Counter

Honestly, I am not a big fan of burger. It is not because I hate fastfood or I care about my health. A real reason is... It's too small for me....

After I went to "The counter Burger", My opinion is changed....

The decoration of this restaurant is really my type. It's blue and brown, kind of ratro theme that I like. Also the chairs are made from metal (suit for my butt).

This is very impressive!!!!! I can choose and mix whatever I want!! It is actually Jaa's order. My order is double in quantity!!!

Whatever you say It's burger....

This is the best Apple Pie milk shake I have ever had!!! (For sure, this is the first time that I have Apple Pie Milk Shake) but to be honest, I really like it. very very rich. It is possible that there are just Ice cream+ Apple Pie and a touch of milk in there. HAHA

I order 450 g. burger with everything that I can choose..... That's too much....

This is Jaa's Burger.... 180g. less than half of mine.

As u can see.... Im sure Im gonna enjoy my lunch.

They cook their burger medium rare. interestng

Highlight of the day. they call 50/50 fried Sweet potatoes and Onion. I really like them!!!

Hi, Sweety!!! Im full already!!! Seeeee Yaaaaa~

All photoes are from P' Jaa's Camera

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Eat Till Die (Spanish Version)

Finally, I can make it again. I have full of my respect to the people who can usually post the things in their blog quite often. I found out that it might be one of the hardest thing in the world.
After being lazy and eat instant noodle at home for a while. I decided to make somethings that relate to my job a little bit. Here we go, "Paella"

First one is the rice. I use the short grain rice from Spain. Look at the package, "Suitable for Paella". It means if I mess up with my Paella this time, I have to excuse. hee hee. never ever!!!

These are some ingredients that Im gonna add into my Paella.
1. Roasted Articokes (Marinated in apple venegar, herbs, olive oil)
2. Citrus chicken (Marinated in Lemon zest, Orange zest, Orange juice, Olive oil, Herb, S+P)
3. Herbs (Rosemarry, Thyme)
4. Sofrito (Slow cooked capsicums, tomatoes and onions)

The seafood that Im gonna throw in my dish (I though its not gonna be enough at the first time)

Infuse the herb, garlic and saffron into the olive oil first

Add rice and cook for mins till the rice start to change the colour a bit

Add my Sofrito and cook for 3 mins maybe. cant remember. Also add salt too.

Add white wine and reduce then fish stock

Once rice started to suck the juice a little bit, place pieces of fish and squids on the top

Let it cook for a while then add chickens, Prawns and the rest of ingredients on the top

Because I smart enough to not spend 100+ dollars for the Parella pan ans also my lovely bloody electric stove doesn't work too well. That's why I have to do this to make it cook evenly.
Meanwhile, I have to cook my crabs and mussels seperately because the pan is not big enough. Right now I realise myself that I might be too hungry when I started to make it.

Once I take the foil out add all ingredients on the top. I have to ask myself...... "Where the hell is my rice?"

However, it's not bad at all. :-)
PS: If Heidi see this post, "I miss you so much" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Told ya, dont eat out!

Heard from so many friends that there is an indonesian restaurant opened in the town. So I checked it out!!

Yeah for sure, this is a menu...

Deep fried chicken serve with calamarised shallot sauce. Sweet and salty with a dash of lemon. Not bad at all but if they can serve it in a bigger potion

Their special fried rice. just a seafood fried rice served with pieces of shrimp cracker. As you can see from the bottom left of the picture. you can see a white spot in the fried rice. it's a rice that they didn't mix well when they cooked it. sad.

Lamb curry. Simple.... very simple, I'm cool with the taste but if they add 6 pieces of lamb more, perfect!! HAHAHA

Yeah I did complained a lot but I finished it all. :-)

Eater show...Easter show actually( -_-")

If my blog is a house, it's gonna be haunted already.

Finally, I do remember my password. There are so many things happened since I did my last post. I worked in a Spanish restaurant as a head chef for a while. After that got some problems with the bloody Korean owner. As usual, we talked about the problems and I asked him politely to go and get _uck. Therefore, I gotta find a new job. Who's care??!?

Right now I got a job already. It's a Thai restaurant call "Longrain" but I'm just only one Thai in the kitchen!! Incharge in a Wok section. Gonna start on the 5th May.

That's mean before the 5th I have a holiday..... Here this is what I did. I went to the Easter show.

I had a very high expectation to have a big fun there. However, everything is not perfect.

These are shops that sell the same stuff that you can win from the games. It for the person who want to get a stuff but never won the buy it.. loser. Yeah I bough it too......

Some machines are way too crazy. It for the girls who ate tons of chip in the show and just realised that she made a mistake. Just get on the machine, everything will come out after that.

I spent most of my money on the foods!!! this hot dog is super big!! After I posted it on my facebook, everyone though I turn to be gay...

I should put my hot dog through the holes there!!!! god!! that holes suck my money!!!

You claim to the top and slide down with a mattress. I will give 50 dollars to anyone who dare to slide down without it. Then use my money to buy a new jeans

I know you have a sad life but if you wanna complain, complain to Mcdonald

Here we go, everytime when I got a forward mail about this type of pics, I always think that they are way too stupid and run out of idea then they do this post..... Yeah you can call me stupid but at the time, I really cant control myself... ;-;
Have a nice one!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Shit... I'm on diet, I forgot.

This is the best restaurant of the trip!! This restaurant is recommented by my personal guide!! She's the best but talk too much sometimes!!! HAHAHA kidding la, just dont hit me.:-)

My personal guide.

This is the best!!!! mix mushroom, arrot and minced chiken inside. really Yum!!! I saw the proess when the chef make it. really amazing.

Pan fried duupling!! Yummy but Fatty!!! however, forgaet about diet today HAHAHA.

This is a prawns dumling noodle. The dumplings are so big!! can fix 2 whole prawns inside!

This is the one I had. Stewed beef noodle soup!!! They add dried squid into the soup. real good taste. Also the noodle are so thin!!! Really good texture.

This is the best dessert of the trip!!!!!! It likes a HongKong mango pudding but it is made from milk!!!!! They serve hot or cold. I have to order both cos my personal guide want it....
All finish in 15 mins. God!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!